Prescott Computer Repair Services

Established in 2009 - Still only $50 an hour!


Services offers a wide variety of services. If you find something we missed, please contact us...chances are, we can help!

  • Upgrading older to newer versions of Windows
  • Virus removal - along with free anti-virus software from AVG
  • Certified Doctor of Viruses - Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware specialist!
  • Networking assistance - hard- lined or wireless.
  • Website creation and maintainence.
  • Add/Remove/Replace new parts (Hard drive, motherboard, disk drives, printers, etc.)
  • Top notch security/firewall services.
  • Standard PC tune-ups in one hour.
  • Guaranteed to speed your computer's load time or your money back!
  • Search Engine Optimization - Increase your website traffic!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a program that we have been incredibly successful with. We have been taking websites that have little to no traffic, and increasing the traffic of that website 10-fold by implementing policies that search engines approve of. We first verify your HTML code and make sure there are no errors in your website. We then verify correct usage of your META tags within your HTML code. Once that is complete, we submit your website to hundreds of web directories, creating many backlinks to your site. Once the search engines pick up on the new backlinks, they rank your website higher for your keyword(s), therefore producing quality web traffic.

Free Website Analyisis

A free website analysis can be obtained from by following the simple instructions below. This analysis will contain the following:

  • Your specially prepared target keyword(s)
  • How many times your keyword was searched on Google
  • Complete analysis on which META tags are being used improperly and why
  • What your "TITLE" tag should read and how important is this
  • How many HTML errors are currently on your webpage
  • ...and more

To recieve this free website analysis , send an email to and include your website address, along with your best estimate of how much traffic you are currently receiving.