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People are drawn to Prescott not only by its surroundings, but also by its small town atmosphere. Prescott is an easygoing place where making friends comes naturally. The friendly atmosphere demonstrates the legacy of its pioneer past, when words were few and actions mattered. Prescottonians cherish their history. With a population of more than 40,000 there are 637 buildings and more than 60 objects in Prescott listed in the National Register of Historic Places, more than any other community its size in Arizona.

With its quality of life, near perfect four-season climate and small-town atmosphere, Prescott is a highly desirable place to live and work. Residents enjoy the benefits of small-town living while taking advantage of many positive amenities of large metropolitan areas. Very low crime rates, easy commuting a full range of house types and prices, excellent air quality and a variety of recreational choices all combine to create a low-stress lifestyle.

Yavapai County is the second fastest growing county in Arizona. The City of Prescott is the largest urban area within the county. The city's growth has been a steady 4 percent per year for the past decade and is expected to continue at that rate. More than 85,000 people reside within the tri-city area, which includes Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley. The majority of these residents live within a 10-mile radius of downtown Prescott.

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The Prescott Courthouse Plaza

The Courthouse Plaza is Prescott's focal point for many activities, including crafts fairs, antique and art shows. Summer mornings bring walkers and joggers to enjoy the towering elms and green grass. The holiday season in Prescott is second to none with hundreds of lights decorating the Courthouse and all over town.

Outdoor recreation opportunities include five area lakes within 10 miles of downtown Prescott, the 1.2 million-acre Prescott National Forest, which surrounds the city of Prescott on three sides, and contains a myriad of hiking trails and outdoor recreation opportunities.

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The Prescott National Forest

Comprised of about 1.25 million acres, the Prescott borders three other National Forests in Arizona: Kaibab, Coconino, and Tonto. Roughly half of the forest lies west of the city of Prescott, Arizona, in the Juniper, Santa Maria, Sierra Prieta, and Bradshaw Mountains. The other half of the Forest lies east of Prescott and takes in the Black Hills, Mingus Mountain, Black Mesa, and the headwaters of the Verde River.

Portions of the Prescott National Forest today are much the same are they were when Sam Miller panned for gold in Lynx Creek and was wounded by a cougar, or when General Crook's flag fluttered over Palace Station.

At the lowest elevation, the primary vegetation is of the Sonoran Desert type. As the elevation rises, chaparral becomes common, followed by pinon pine and juniper. Above that, Ponderosa pine dominates the landscape.